Tackle the uncertainties of innovation with a plan you can execute

Why Polar

Polar is a design and innovation studio. We help executive teams to get in tune with their customers, discover opportunities for innovation, create and execute strategies based on empathy and sound business logic

How do we work

Human centred

Find the insight for innovation in the needs and wants of actual people

System oriented

Examine the relationship among actors to identify interdependencies and impacts


Advocate for change, leverage cross function expertise and validate decisions early

Delivery driven

Map the steps to execution, follow-up with design guidance and solutions

How we help companies innovate

Processes and deliverables tailored to the outcomes you need


Create tangible brands

To build tangible and intangible brand experiences that lead customers to differentiate and choose your products and services


Augment data with empathy

To make sense of metrics and analytics by tying them to customers behaviours and expectations


The right message

To understand customers' psychological stages in order to match them with messages designed to create brand value, trust and differentiation


Take the overall view

To re-aggregate the work of teams and external agencies by customer journey, instead of technology, channel or platform


Define and share the vision

To engage stakeholders in the design of a unified and efficient system rather than proceed component by component


Find value before specs

To better comprehend the purpose of your offering and evolve it to maximise the value it delivers to your users


Identify the right features

To test usage patterns, validate drivers of choice and service modes in order to identify the most effective features


Go to market faster

To design, prototype and validate the components of the product experience before investing in development


Keep the focus on customers

To focus the work of teams on customer needs, rather than the internal needs, and discover better ways to serve them along the way


Define actions from insight

To extract actionable insight from customers’ feedback by identifying their needs and wants from evaluations, suggestions or inquiries


Read and act on the context

To analyse the dynamics that sustain the customer experience, address gaps, streamline dependencies and prioritise improvements


Manage the impact of change

To engage all the actors involved by the development of a solution in gauging its impact on the company and the customer journey



To integrate your offering with design thinking and service design capabilities that let’s you grow the relationship with your clients


Join the team

To support your team with brand strategy and experience design insight


Co-design sessions

To navigate complex programs by engaging your client in the development of actionable briefs and sensible processes

Our proven record